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About The Company.

OKNOPLAST GROUP is an international company belonging to the top manufacturers of uPVC windows and doors in Europe. It operates in 21 markets: Austria, Canada, Cameroon, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, South Ireland, United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand. The company holds five brands: OKNOPLAST, WnD, Aluhaus, Skyvi and HERMET 10, ensuring even greater diversification of the product range and its precise adaptation to customer needs.

Key Facts.

Since the beginning, the ambition of OKNOPLAST has been to stay ahead of the competition. This goal has become a driving force for innovation within the company. In 30 years, the company has introduced over 60 solutions (most of them patented) permanently changing the market of window & doors products.

3,500 dealer networks in 19 countries worldwide

2.3 million windows per year

5 independent factories

30 years of experience

One of the most recognizable window brands in Europe

Over 3,200 employees

Mikołaj Placek



A leader in windows in Europe.

In 2009, after establishing a 5 year presence in Europe, the Oknoplast group became the leading uPVC window manufacturer. Today, there are nearly 3,200 sales outlets in 21 countries in Europe and America.
It is thanks to a structured and organized distribution system that the company has evolved in a perpetual growth approach.
The objective of the uPVC window manufacturer, Oknoplast, is to become the leader in windows in each of the countries where it is present.


Our quality and performance is confirmed by numerous European and American institutes.


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