OKNOPLAST gaskets are available in colors matching the color of the veneer: gray, brown and black. They are characterized by high resistance to moisture, water vapor and UV rays

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Window Seals – The Key to Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Windows serve many functions in a building – they let in light, provide a view of the outside, and protect against weather conditions. To perform their task 100%, they must be properly sealed. That’s exactly the purpose of window seals.

Why are seals so important?

Window seals are small elements that have a huge impact on the functionality of the entire window. They provide tightness, preventing drafts, and also protect against heat loss, which is crucial from an energy efficiency standpoint.

Main advantages of using window seals

Energy efficiency – thanks to seals, windows do not let heat escape, which translates into lower heating bills.
Comfort – seals eliminate drafts and external noise, ensuring silence and a pleasant temperature in the room.
Protection against moisture – properly sealed windows prevent the condensation of water vapor, protecting against the formation of mold and fungi.
Longer window lifespan – seals protect window frames and panes from the adverse effects of weather conditions, which extends their lifespan. Types of window seals

Various types of seals are available on the market, adapted to different types of windows. The most popular are rubber, silicone, and foam seals. Choosing the right type of seal depends on the specifics of the window, as well as the individual needs of the user.

Seals for patio doors

Their task is to ensure the tightness of the doors, protecting the interior from drafts, heat loss, as well as the penetration of moisture and noise from the outside. Thanks to the seals, patio doors become more energy-efficient, comfortable to use, and maintain their functional properties for longer.

Window seals are a small component with significant importance. Thanks to them, we can enjoy comfort and warmth in our home, regardless of the conditions outside. Investing in high-quality seals means caring for energy efficiency, the health of residents, and a longer lifespan of our windows.