UPVC Accesories- FAQ

Oknoplast window handles have a square shape, enhancing the window’s simple and elegant profile. They suit both minimalist and sophisticated interiors, offering a modern touch. The TBT handle, made of high-quality steel and TopCoat coating, provides extra protection against unexpected openings.


Oknoplast provides various window handles, such as the modern PIXEL handle with a square shape for a minimalist look and the TBT handle, offering extra protection through its tilt-before-turn feature and high-quality steel construction.

The Tilt & Turn system in our windows offers versatile functionality, allowing the window to tilt for ventilation or turn for easy access. This system provides enhanced security with anti-theft hooks and misuse blockage features. It’s ideal for controlling airflow, easy cleaning, and increasing safety in various settings, including homes and public buildings.

Yes, Oknoplast provides specially designed patio door handles. They come in an elongated design for a secure grip and smooth operation. Additionally, various styles and finishes are available, including a double-sided version for added convenience.

Oknoplast patio door handles are specifically crafted for comfort, featuring an elongated design that ensures a secure grip and smooth operation. The handles are also available in various styles and finishes, with the option of a double-sided version for enhanced user convenience.

Oknoplast offers window grilles in various widths and colors, either in-pane or glued, allowing customization to match any interior and add a unique aesthetic appearance.

Oknoplast window screens are installed without drilling, using adjustable metal clips that attach to the window frame. This method makes the screens easy to dismantle for cleaning and effective for insect protection.

Oknoplast window fittings include anti-theft hooks, blockage against wrongful handle usage, and options for increased burglary protection with RC1 or RC2 class fittings. They also feature a TBT (Tilt Before Turn) system for safety in places like schools and daycares.

The TBT (Tilt Before Turn) system in Oknoplast windows is designed for enhanced safety and usability. It operates in a specific sequence: the window must be tilted for ventilation before it can fully open. This feature is particularly beneficial in settings like schools, daycares, or hotels, where preventing accidental or unauthorized opening is crucial. The TBT system also incorporates high-quality materials and coatings for durability and resistance against harsh environmental conditions.

Oknoplast provides a variety of glass options, including low-emission coatings for thermal insulation, tempered glass for increased strength, laminated glass for safety and burglary protection, and ornamental glass for privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Win Click is a hardware component for balcony doors, allowing comfortable closing from the outside. It features a durable, ergonomic aluminum handle.

Win Step is a low balcony threshold, less than 1 inch high, facilitating easy movement from room to balcony, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

The Warmatec frame in Oknoplast windows is a unique combination of stainless steel and plastic, designed for superior thermal insulation. This innovative design significantly reduces thermal bridging, enhancing the window’s Uw coefficient for better energy efficiency. Available in black, brown, and grey, it adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your windows.

EffiAIR is a perimeter ventilation system that provides air circulation without drafts, ensuring healthy indoor air quality while protecting against insects and intruders. It’s ideal for various rooms, including bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

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