The window joinery industry has long sought solutions to create larger, stronger, and more energy-efficient windows. The STV technology, also known as dry glazing or static dry glazing, offers the perfect solution to these challenges. Learn more about its benefits.

Window manufacturers are always seeking the latest advancements in window technology. One of the most trusted organizations in the industry, the Window Technology Institute in Rosenheim IFT, has published many important updates. Recently, a new solution for improving thermal insulation in windows has emerged: dry glass gluing as used in OKNOPLAST’s PAVA model. This innovative approach enables the creation of windows that are both larger and more energy-efficient, leading to a warmer and more comfortable living space. Find out how this is possible.

STV – WHAT IS static dry glazing?

The bonding technology involves permanently attaching the glazing unit to the window sash using a special double-sided adhesive tape. At OKNOPLAST, this tape is protected by an additional glazing gasket, which helps to keep it free of dirt.

In addition, the window sash profiles are strengthened with steel sections, making the entire structure more secure. Unlike other solutions, STV technology doesn’t require additional blocking glass panes, which are usually placed along the edges. As a result, the windows are lighter, especially in white and two-color designs that combine white with colored veneer. Up to a certain size, no reinforcements are necessary, making the windows more efficient and cost-effective.

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