If you are looking for a valid front door upgrade, you might find an unexpected yet advantageous option – uPVC doors. Their popularity among homeowners has surged thanks to their durability, low maintenance requirements, and an array of impressive advantages. For the past years at ONKOPLAST we designed a wide range of uPVC front doors, and we absolutely love working with this material.

Benefits of choosing doors made of durable uPVC

Below, you’ll find a couple of highlights of why homeowners often pick uPVC doors:

Enjoy Resilient Construction: uPVC doors outshine many others in enduring the test of time. Crafted from an incredibly tough and durable material, these doors resist weathering, impact, and fading. They will serve your home for many years, saving you the cost of frequent replacements.

Experience Ease of Maintenance: uPVC doors liberate you from the burden of regular maintenance. These doors require minimal upkeep and are immune to rotting, flaking, rusting, fading, and corroding. Thanks to the steel reinforcement hidden inside the frame, their weatherproof and rigid nature further boosts their lifespan. On your end – a simple wipe-down will keep them clean and shining.

Benefit from Superior Energy Efficiency: uPVC doors improve your home’s insulation, matching traditional wooden doors in thermal efficiency for a more attractive price point. Thanks to the construction of uPVC front doors, you can get a thermal transmittance with a U factor as low as U= 0.21-0.30, depending on the construction type and door frame insulation. This will significantly impact your energy bills and allow you to save more money annually.

Choose a Green Solution: uPVC doors, crafted from 100% recyclable material, offer a sustainable choice. The environmental impact of uPVC is remarkably low, which makes these doors a perfect selection for eco-conscious homeowners. These doors’ non-toxic, long-lasting, and energy-efficient nature contributes to reduced energy expenditure and a minimal carbon footprint – essential to many homeowners today.

Appreciate Diverse Aesthetics: The charm of uPVC doors extends beyond their performance to their diverse aesthetic appeal. Available in many styles, these doors can blend seamlessly with any home design. You can also customize them to capture the classic appeal of traditional wooden doors. Thanks to the flexible material, you can match uPVC front doors perfectly to any modern or traditional home.

Enhance Home Security: uPVC doors bolster your home’s security. These doors resist termite attacks, maintaining their structural integrity against these common household pests. Moreover, their sturdy construction provides a robust barrier against intruders. When choosing the right model for your home, check what the manufacturer includes in the standard option.

Those are all the main benefits you should know about uPVC doors. As you can see, they offer an excellent alternative to the typical wooden front doors. Now you know why considering uPVC front doors in 2023 is a great option, but there is still more to uncover. Let’s examine how these doors can make your home stand out.

Doors that make your home more beautiful

At this point, it’s clear that, at OKNOPLAST, we harbor a deep-rooted passion for uPVC doors. We consistently strive to push the boundaries of door and window technology, adapting this robust material to meet the modern demands of energy-efficient construction. This determination created our two high-performance uPVC door lines: BASIC & PREMIUM.

Watch our full video here for a comprehensive presentation of our uPVC doors.

Their unmatched adaptability to diverse home styles sets OKNOPLAST doors apart from others. Our broad color palette allows a remarkable transformation of contemporary or traditional homes. Whether you aim to harmonize your front doors with wooden accents on your home’s facade or create a cohesive craftsman-style home, colors like golden oak or our new line of dark toffee blend seamlessly into your desired aesthetic.

Beyond colors, our array of model fillings extends the possibilities for creating a unique, captivating entrance for your home.

But the excellence of OKNOPLAST uPVC doors isn’t merely on the surface. Delving into the craftsmanship reveals an impressive resilience against the deteriorating effects of sunlight and UV rays, achieved through advances in our manufacturing process. In addition to their durability, our BASIC and PREMIUM doors offer exceptional thermal performance. If your aim is to trim down your annual energy costs, our doors deliver low U-factor values, ensuring optimal insulation when coupled with efficient building insulation and ventilation methods.

A comfortable, energy-efficient home is no longer a distant dream but an achievable reality. Contact us to find a local dealer and get a quote for upgrading your home with OKNOPLAST uPVC doors. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency for your home today.

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