Large windows have become a popular architectural feature in recent years, enhancing the modern look of buildings while allowing more sunlight to enter. If you’re looking for high-quality, large windows that are both stable and efficient, consider the PAVA system. These windows are big, energy efficient, sturdy, and easy to use, making them a top choice for many people.

Large windows are no longer just a distant dream for architects. They are now a common sight in both office buildings and residential homes, as their price has become more affordable over the years. Despite the decrease in cost, large windows like PAVA have not sacrificed their thermal or acoustic properties. In fact, they are now warmer, more stable, and more durable than ever before. How has this been achieved?

How was it before? The standard method of glazing large windows

Traditionally, window panes are mounted in the window frame using a press-in method, where the glazing unit is placed on washers along the edges of the sash. While this is a common and well-established solution, it has its limitations. The glass that is pressed onto washers does not strengthen the window frame and remains separate from it. With large windows, steel reinforcements are necessary, adding weight and affecting the comfort of everyday use.


Additionally, stresses on the corners of windows can lead to cracks in the glass during transportation, installation, or even regular use. Conventional glazing also lacks effective sound insulation, as the glass acts as a membrane, transmitting vibrations into the room. The spacers also create thermal bridges, reducing the window’s thermal insulation properties.

STV, a technological breakthrough

The latest solution in the large-format window industry is STV technology, also known as static dry glazing or dry glazing. Unlike traditional methods, STV technology uses a special adhesive tape to permanently bond the glass unit to the window sash profile. This creates a uniform connection around the entire perimeter of the window, transforming the glass into a structural element. This results in improved sound insulation, as the stiffened glass no longer vibrates and transfers sound.



The PAVA system, which utilizes the STV technology, offers numerous benefits, the most significant being its superior rigidity. The glass panel provides strength to the profiles, making the window more stable. With the addition of steel reinforcements, windows of larger sizes can be produced, compared to those mounted on washers. The dry-glazed windows can bear much heavier sashes without collapsing, distorting, needing any adjustment, and working effortlessly.

Large format windows? Check the advantages of the pava system

  • Stable and rigid window frames, even in large sizes
  • Reduced risk of glass breakage from stress points
  • Resistance to sagging, bending, and warping from the weight of the sashes
  • Improved heat transfer coefficient of the entire window
  • Enhanced noise reduction capabilities
  • Brighter interior spaces with increased winter insulation from sun rays due to lowered sash profiles
  • Enhanced security against burglaries due to the perimeter gluing of the glass, making it impossible to push the glazing unit into the room
  • Effortless opening and closing, even for heavy sashes.

Are the large windows warm? Definitely yes!

The STV method also offers the benefit of reducing thermal bridges, which occur with traditional glazing methods due to the use of spacers. This leads to increased warmth in large windows that utilize STV adhesive tape for mounting the glazing unit. In the PAVA window system, we have taken it a step further by incorporating a deeper 6-chamber A-class sash profile with a maximum depth of 86mm, effectively decreasing the linear thermal bridge between the glass and profile

Pava Windows Oknoplast

Pava Windows Oknoplast


The PAVA system boasts several features that enhance its energy efficiency. These include a central gasket and an under-sill strip that come with a gasket. The resulting heat transfer coefficient is very good parameters up to U = 0.13. If you desire large windows for your home but are concerned about heat loss and high energy bills, PAVA is the solution for you. It’s ideal for projects where windows occupy a significant portion of the wall surface. Looking for windows that are energy-efficient, secure, durable, and quiet in large sizes? PAVA is the answer to all your needs.

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