Are you looking for windows characterized by modern design, and high thermal insulation parameters, as well as quality finishings and excellent workmanship? Get to know the Pixel model by OKNOPLAST. This model offers a higher level of design, effective protection against heat loss, and provides up to 22% more sunlight indoors.

Minimalist design

Pixel windows are technically a twin solution to the Prolux system. What makes them different is the style. Pixel appeals to people who value minimalist designs. We achieved a modern look by using specially designed window profiles and glazing beads with rectangular, sharply outlined edges, and no rounding. The slats are additionally located at a 90 degree angle to the glass, giving the window a raw, modern look. By replacing classic roundness with straight lines in the slender, 6-chamber profiles of the frame and sash, we succeeded in creating an elegant window with an industrial character. The square design of this model perfectly suits newly constructed buildings with a simple shape and modern design, such as popular modern barns or cubist villas with a flat roof. The Pixel OKNOPLAST model can also be used as replacement windows in secondary market buildings, that need to refresh and modernize the appearance of the façade.

Brighter interiors

Recently, more and more importance has been attached to the proper illumination of interiors with natural light. Brighter rooms can be achieved, among other things, by using windows with a larger than standard glass area. How do we achieve such an effect? In Pixel windows, we use a floating mullion with a symmetrically placed handle. It is narrower by as much as 33% compared to other models, which in turn, lets in more light. We have also reduced the height of the window sash by 3/8”. As a result, this model has a much larger glazing surface. Thanks to this, it allows up to 22%[1] more natural light into the room.

Warm and economic

Thanks to the non-standard, lower height of the sash and the use of a floating mullion, the room is better illuminated and heated, which results in reduced heating costs. This model also uses an additional gasket to prevent the escape of warm air and the entry of cold air. The greater depth of the sash (2,91”) allows the use of wider, and therefore warmer, glazing packages. The Pixel windows can be equipped with a triple glazing package with a Warmatec spacer bar. In this configuration the windows can achieve the U Factor of 0.16.

Key Security

Security for Pixel windows is provided through anti-burglary hardware in the RC1 or RC2 class. Additional protection is provided by SafetyPlus anti-theft hooks attached to a patented, repeatedly bent, sash made of galvanized steel, with a thickness of up to 1/16”. Thanks to its thickness, shape, and geometry, the reinforcement stiffens the window, making large glazing dimensions possible. The reinforcement also prevents the window sash from being bent with a crowbar or other tools in attempted break-ins. Pixel windows in the OKNOPLAST SMART system can be controlled remotely through a mobile application. Choose any combination from five control packages. With SMART, no matter where you are, you can open and close windows, as well as trigger and disarm alarms. Take security to the next level with Pixel windows.

Aesthetic finish

At OKNOPLAST we focus on aesthetic and a high level of workmanship. Details are important to us because they make up the overall composition of the product. What aesthetic solutions did we use in the Pixel window series? At first glance, Pixel windows emanate a simple modern design with straight lines, sharp edges, and minimalistic profiles, and they make an equally good impression when we take a closer look at them. Pixel windows are available in a wide range of wood-like and RAL colors. In the Pixel model, Colorfull veneering technology is available, offering a uniform color and profile structure throughout the window, even when the sash is open. The appearance of the windows is also influenced by the seal in the corners of the glazing bead, the invisible Winkhaus Prolight Select hinges, and the option of a super thin weld. The aesthetic qualities of Pixel windows are also enhanced by a narrower sash, profiles with sharp edges, and a slim floating mullion with a symmetrically placed PIXEL handle – specially designed for this model.

7 year warranty

We know what a high-quality product our windows are, which is why the Pixel model is covered by a seven-year warranty. Unlike other offers on the market, our warranty is free of restrictions unfavorable to the customer. In practice, this, among other things, means that buyers of OKNOPLAST Pixel windows do not have to perform regular and paid inspections in order to benefit from the warranty in the future.

Want to know more about Pixel windows? See the windows in person, and have a consultation with a specialist in one of our showrooms.

[1] Average glass light gain in a PIXEL window equipped with a floating mullion and central handle, in relation to standard window solutions with a floating mullion.

[1] For reference window with glass 4TFO/16/4/16/4TFO.

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