Is comfort important to you? Winergetic Standard OKNOPLAST windows can offer you daily comfort at home. Winergetic Standard windows keep your home pleasantly cool in the summer, cozy and warm in the winter, and therefore help keep your heating and cooling bills low all year round.  They also silence rooms efficiently, turning them into a quiet oasis even if the building is located in a noisy area.  In this model, we combine high parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation with a timeless and classic design.  Sounds good, right?

Classic design

Winergetic Standard windows combine the latest technological solutions regarding thermal insulation and noise protection with a classic look.  Design lovers are captivated by the simple profile without rounding, which fits both modern and minimalistic styles perfectly, as well as traditional buildings and other interior styles.  In this window series, we use thread welding in the corner of the frames and sashes for colored veneer. As a result, the place of their connection is almost invisible. Winergetic Standard windows  are complemented by  modern dESIGN+ handles which emphasize their minimalistic character. The aesthetic value of this model can also be increased by opting  for the so-called invisible Winkhaus ProLight Select hinges. These hinges increase the tightness of the woodwork and facilitate its cleaning.  Do you want to match the color of the windows perfectly to the appearance of the building? In this model, the option of using aluminum overlays? in a wide range of RAL colors is available.

Excellent Thermal insulation

When choosing windows, do you focus primarily on high thermal insulation parameters and a favorable price? If so, Winergetic Standard windows are a good choice for you. They are one of the warmest windows we offer, other than Winergetic Premium Passive. In the Standard model, we used a 7-chamber frame profile and a 6-chamber sash profile with a depth of 82 mm. As a result, the heat transfer coefficient in them is only Uw = 0.76 W / (m²K).  This model not only meets, but exceeds the current, strict building standards.  Such  low Uw levels allow the use of Winergetic Standard windows in energy-efficient residential buildings, as it reduces heating bills in winter and air conditioning bills in summer.

Comfortable silence

In the Winergetic Standard windows, we used modern glazing packages made of 3mm thick glass panes and an additional central gasket in the frame. They do not only provide a higher level of protection against heat loss, but also better protection against external noise than basic models. The sound insulation level in this model is Rw = 36 dB for the reference window*. This means that even in a noisy area, e.g. by the road, in the vicinity of shopping centers, the airport, or a railway station, if the windows closed, you can enjoy peace and silence. Thanks to microventilation, and the optional effieAIR perimeter ventilation system, you can enjoy fresh air, without having to fully open the windows.  In a noisy location, this is the most comfortable and convenient solution.

Convenience of use       

Winergetic Standard windows preform above average when it comes to convenience. Opening and closing them is extremely intuitive and does not require the use of force, as sometimes required in low-quality or incorrectly installed windows. The FOUR Seasons tilt, as well as the SMART OKNOPLAST remote control packages are ways to make the window usage even easier. In SMART OKNOPLAST, you can choose from as many as five control packages: basic, medium, smart home, smart home premium and smart home voice.

Important safety

Do you care about the safety of your family? You can always rely on Winergetic windows, to keep your family safe. In the Winergetic Standard model, we use SafetyPlus anti-theft hooks mounted in the steel reinforcement of the profile. This model can also be supplemented with optional anti-burglary fittings in RC class 2 and handles with a key or button. All of these solutions increase the safety of your home.

7 years warranty

By buying high-quality windows, such as Winergetic Standard, you gain peace of mind.  At OKNOPLAST we offer up to 7 years of warranty on all elements of woodwork. You do not have to perform annual woodwork services, like with other manufacturers.

Want to know more about Winergetic Standard windows. Check them out here or talk to representatives of one of oknoplast’s numerous partner stores.



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