Why Is Taking Correct Measurements Important?

We can’t stress enough how vital accurate door measurements are for a seamless installation process. When your doors fit perfectly, they look great and function optimally. Mistakes in measurements can lead to unnecessary adjustments, potential security vulnerabilities, and unforeseen expenses. A door that fits as it should, boosts your home’s security and significantly enhances energy efficiency. Any gaps or misalignments can introduce drafts, causing your heating or cooling bills to rise.

Moreover, a misfit door can wear out its frame faster, making it harder to operate. That’s why we always recommend getting measurements right the first time. To ensure this precision, we offer measurement services, ensuring you save time and that the final installation is a breeze. When you schedule a consultation with one of our experts, ask for this service.

Measuring Prehung Front Doors

When you’re ready to measure your pre-hung front door, follow these steps to ensure accuracy:

  1. Measure the Width: Start by measuring the width of the door frame. Place your tape measure on the inside of one door jamb and extend it to the inside of the opposite jamb. Measuring the width at the top, middle, and bottom of the door frame is essential. Use the smallest of these three measurements as your door width.
  2. Measure the Height: To determine the height, place your tape measure at the bottom of the door sill and extend it up to the underside of the door header. Just like with the width, measuring the height on both the left and right sides of the door is a good practice. Use the smaller measurement as your door height.
  3. Determine the Door Jamb Width: The door jamb, or the depth of the wall, is crucial for ensuring your new door fits perfectly. Measure the width of the door jamb from the backside of the interior trim to the backside of the exterior trim.
  4. Check for Square: To ensure your door operates smoothly, it’s vital to check if the door frame is square. Do this by measuring diagonally from one corner of the door frame to the opposite corner. Repeat this for both diagonals. If the measurements are equal, your door frame is square. If there’s a significant difference between the two diagonal measurements, you may need to make adjustments during installation or consult with a professional.
  5. Note the Door Swing Direction: It’s essential to determine the direction your door will swing, whether inward or outward, and whether it’s left-handed or right-handed. This will ensure the proper placement of hinges and handles.

At OKNOPLAST, we understand the importance of accurate measurements. It’s the foundation for ensuring your door looks great and functions seamlessly, providing optimal energy efficiency and security for your home. If you’re ever uncertain about your measurements, feel free to contact us or consult a professional. Your home’s aesthetics and functionality deserve precision.

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How to Measure Front Doors with Sidelights?

Sidelights are narrow windows placed on either one or both sides of a front door. They add an aesthetic appeal and allow more natural light into the home. When measuring a front door with sidelights, it’s essential to consider both the door and the sidelights to ensure a perfect fit. Contrary to regular doors, doors with sidelights are more complicated to measure. That’s why you should follow this detailed guide.

  1. Measure the Width of the Door and Sidelights:
  • Start by measuring the width of the door itself, from one side to the other, using a tape measure.
  • Next, measure the width of each sidelight separately. If there are sidelights on both sides, ensure you measure both.
  • Add the measurements of the door and the sidelights together to get the total width.
  1. Measure the Height:
  • Place the tape measure at the bottom of the door and extend it to the top to get the height of the door.
  • The height of the sidelights is typically the same as the door, but it’s always a good practice to measure them separately to confirm.
  1. Measure the Depth:
  • This refers to the thickness of the door. Place the tape measure on one side of the door and extend it to the opposite side. This gives you the depth or thickness of the door.
  • Similarly, measure the depth of the sidelights.
  1. Frame Measurements:
  • Measure the width of the door frame, starting from the outer edge of one sidelight’s frame to the outer edge of the other sidelight’s frame (if there are sidelights on both sides).
  • For the height, measure from the bottom of the door frame to the top.
  1. Note Down Any Additional Features:
  • If there are any decorative elements, transoms, or other unique features associated with the sidelights, make a note of them. This will be helpful when discussing with manufacturers or installers.

As you can see, there are a few extra steps that you need to take to measure your doors and sidelights correctly. We believe our guide will help you in this task. Remember that you can always contact us if you struggle at any step.

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