The moment has come to choose a terrace door and you are wondering what solution is right for you. Do you dream of sliding doors, but tilt-and-slide models (PSK, PSK-Z) or stand-and-slide (PSK ATRIUM) models do not fully meet your needs? Or HST may have been out of budget? If so, it is worth considering the latest “shift” on the market, i.e. OKNOPLAST Slide. Why is it worth installing them at home? What makes them stand out? Let’s find out!

Slide is a solution that combines the best features of both, the PSK, and HST systems. The method of opening is similar to HST; the sash moves along a separate track, which translates into simplicity and comfortable use. Just a little push is enough for the large wing to run freely on the rail. The locking system, i.e. closing SLIDE terrace doors, is similar to the one used in the PSK-Z and PSK ATRIUM models. Thanks to the design used, the price is also similar to the latter, which will please many.

Slide is a good option if you plan to buy a terrace door for a frame dimension of up to 3500 x 2500 mm (in scheme A – with one sliding sash and a fixed part) It’s also a good option if you are looking for a cheaper, but also convenient alternative to HST doors.

Illuminates Interiors

Slide terrace doors are valued for their modern and refined design. In the non-opening part of the window, very thin profiles are used, which allows for a more than sufficient glazing area. As a result, more natural light enters the room. The entire structure also seems visually lighter despite its large size (the maximum frame in the A opening scheme can be 3500 x 2500 mm).

If you have a window above the sink in your kitchen, installing a smaller version of the Slide system allows you to open the window without the sink faucet getting in the way. The minimum dimension in which a window can be made on the Slide structure  is 1570 x 950 mm.  Slide has invisible fittings from the inside of the room, similar to HST constructions. In a window with such dimensions, this is an undeniable advantage.

Slide Patio Doors - Oknoplast

 Slide – how does it work?

Now let’s take a closer look at what opening and closing slide terrace doors  looks like. To open them, we turn the handle upwards by 180 degrees. The sash slides freely to the side, parallel to the unopened part of the door. The sash moves freely on a separate track on special carts.

When the handle is turned down, as in HST, the sash is gently closed to the frame. Thanks to this, we do not have to use force when closing. The operation is easy, intuitive, and less susceptible to operational errors.

Window with Class

It is worth mentioning another, undisputed benefit of Slide terrace doors, i.e. their tightness. The high quality window and optimal parameters of water tightness, resistance to external wind pressure, and air permeability were achieved by using flexible rebate seals around the entire perimeter of the sash and a unique rebate seal for the frame. When the door is closed, it is automatically and evenly pressed against the door frame. A positive effect due to increasing the tightness of the terrace door is also the use of active locking points in the construction. When closing, there is an additional pull the of the sash to the frame.

Thanks to the possibility of using three-pane packages, Slide provides high thermal insulation. Of course, this is also influenced by the six-chamber frame profile with a depth of 140 mm and the four-chamber sash profile with a depth of 70 mm. Due to this, the heat transfer coefficient Uw for the entire structure can amount to Uw = 0.82 W / (m2K), which places the Slide system in the energy saving category.

Elegant finish

A wide range of available colors and the ability to create a large glazing is what makes Slide terrace doors more and more popular.

Stability and the ability to create large structures offers a wide range of possibilities. The minimalistic design allows you to maximize the glazed area, which provides more natural light in the room. In addition, the minimalistic profile design is perfect for any construction, and at an affordable price


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