Matte Window Colors

The new matte color series goes beyond visual appeal, presenting a monochromatic look with innovative properties that enhance both usability and durability.


  • 7  colors, to match any aesthetic
  • Built to withstand intense sunlight and low temperatures
  • Effortless cleaning and easy maintenance
  • Backed by a guaranteed warranty

Matte Colors.

White matt

Basaltgrau matt

Basaltgrau matt



Quarzgrau matt



Kitami dark

Kitami dark

S-bronze matt


Our aim is to flawlessly replicate the appearance of powder-coated aluminum. This visual effect is accentuated by a unique surface structure that enhances the impression of authenticity.


Thanks to this distinctive surface structure, our matte colors exhibit exceptional resistance to scratches and discoloration from temperature changes, ensuring their pristine condition for many years.

Easy Maintenance

The aesthetic appeal of our matte colors is further enhanced by a special PVDF layer, making stain removal quick and hassle-free, while also leaving windows gleaming.


Choose from our selection of 7 colors designed to complement any interior finish.

Certified Quality

Our products are rigorously tested and proven resistant to intense sunlight and low temperatures, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Enjoy peace of mind with our 10-year warranty.

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