OKNOPLAST, a leading PVC window manufacturer, presented its new Skyvi brand and other novelties from its product line at the most important construction industry event in the United States – the NAHB International Builders Show in Las Vegas. The company also debuted a new marketing concept dedicated to the US market, as a result of trend research conducted in the United States. The event attracted nearly 70,000 construction industry professionals from around the world.

At the NAHB International Builders Show in Las Vegas, OKNOPLAST showcased a range of innovative solutions tailored to the American market. One of the highlights was the debut of Skyvi, aluminum pergolas that are versatile enough to be used at home, in backyards or gardens, and also in commercial buildings. Skyvi stood out from the competition with its cutting-edge technology, including the option to use side shutters such as screens or sliding glass panels, allowing the pergolas to be used in any weather conditions.

An important element of the exhibition was also the PIXEL series window equipped with additional reinforcements increasing its wind resistance, confirmed by the HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zones) certificate. The window, dedicated to the American market, prevents the frame from breaking or being torn out in the event of a category 5 hurricane or violent storm. It also provides additional protection against burglary or accidental breakage. High window resistance is a particularly important issue for Americans from regions exposed to the destructive effects of strong winds.

Oknoplast IBS 2023 - Pixel

Oknoplast IBS 2023 – Pixel windows

At the exhibition, Oknoplast unveiled its latest product, the PAVA window, which boasts a unique blend of advanced technology, contemporary design, and exceptional thermal insulation properties, in compliance with Passive House construction standards, as attested by the Passive House certificate. This model offers energy efficiency through its integration with the effiAIR system, a peripheral ventilation system that guarantees air circulation while providing security against intrusion.

At the trade show, OKNOPLAST offered visitors an opportunity to explore the benefits of different terrace door models, including the HORIZON lift & slide patio doors and the impressive Balcony doors – Harmonia. The booth also showcased the SLIDE aluminum lift-and-slide door system, which enables the construction of stunning, expansive glass surfaces with exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation.

Oknoplast IBS 2023 - Horizon

Oknoplast IBS 2023 – HORIZON patio doors


OKNOPLAST recognizes that the American market operates under different rules than the European market, with varying needs and customer habits. To better cater to American consumers, the company has adapted its products and marketing strategy to focus on highlighting the benefits of its product line and how it can improve customers’ daily lives and living spaces. This approach was evident at the NAHB International Builders Show, where OKNOPLAST showcased its capabilities through an impressive booth featuring 11.5 ft-high and almost 26 ft-wide doors that allow for abundant natural light and create an expansive interior space. The booth was well-received by visitors, demonstrating OKNOPLAST’s growing position in the US market. “We are returning from Las Vegas with a sense of great success,” said Dominik Mryczko, President of Oknoplast USA, Inc. This marks another year of OKNOPLAST’s participation in the NAHB International Builders Show as the company continues to strengthen its presence in the US market.

In conclusion, OKNOPLAST’s presence at the NAHB International Builders Show for yet another year was a great success. Visitors had the opportunity to explore the latest products and participate in over 100 educational sessions led by more than 238 industry leaders. Additionally, the fair showcased 44 practical demonstrations, allowing attendees to stay up-to-date on modern technological solutions in the field of building carpentry.

“We’ve been in the United States for years now, and it’s a crucial market for us to keep expanding in. Trade fairs are an excellent way to personally connect with industry representatives from around the world. By using the results of our research, we’re developing our sales network to better meet the needs of Americans, and it’s paying off with increasingly better sales figures,” added Dominik Mryczko.



OKNOPLAST Group is an international company that ranks among the top manufacturers of PVC windows and doors in Europe. The company operates in 19 markets, including the USA, Austria, Germany, and Italy, among others. The group comprises four brands, OKNOPLAST, WnD, Aluhaus, and HERMET 10, ensuring greater diversity in the product range to meet customers’ specific needs.

OKNOPLAST Group focuses on the premium segment and offers a portfolio of PVC external windows and doors, roller shutters, garage doors, and an extensive range of accessories. The company has launched its production of insulating glass units and offers proprietary solutions exclusively under its brand name. OKNOPLAST Group’s products feature advanced energy-saving solutions, precise manufacturing, and unique aesthetics.

The windows and doors manufactured by OKNOPLAST Group meet the highest quality and ecological standards. The company has received several prestigious awards, including the Golden Champion Construction Brand of the Year and the National Champion in the European Awards competition. The OKNOPLAST Group has also received the Medal of the 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence, awarded by the Prime Minister of Poland, for contributing to the economy’s development. The company’s headquarters are located in Ochmanów near Krakow, and it employs over 3,500 people.

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