Naples, Florida – We are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the recent amateur tennis tournament held in Naples, Florida. Partnering with Craftwood Doors & Windows, a prominent local supplier, we were delighted to support this vibrant event showcasing tennis enthusiasts from around the world.

Organized by the Polonia Tennis Association Foundation, the tournament aims to promote the love of tennis and foster community fellowship among players. With over 1,000 participants from the USA, Poland, England, Canada, Germany, and Sweden, the event has become a cherished tradition, spanning different seasons and locations.

tennis tournament

At Oknoplast, we are committed to promoting an active lifestyle and supporting community engagement initiatives. Our sponsorship of the Naples tournament reflects our dedication to these values. We were thrilled to see the excitement and camaraderie among the players, captured beautifully in the event photos.

For more updates on our community involvement and initiatives, follow Oknoplast on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Together, let’s continue to champion sporting activities and enrich our communities.

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