OKNOPLAST received the title “Best Managed Companies Poland 2022” awarded in the ranking of Polish companies that achieve excellent results thanks to the best management standards. The award is a recognition of organizational culture, strategy and innovation, and a confirmation of belonging to the world’s leading companies. Oknoplast is the first window company in all of Europe to receive this prestigious award.

The title of “Best Managed Companies Poland 2022” is extremely valuable to companies because it is determined by strict and multifaceted criteria. An independent jury, appointed by the organizer of the ranking, Deloitte, analyzes companies thoroughly and verifies their holistic approach to running a business.

Enterprises are assessed not only in terms of their financial results, but also in terms of organizational culture, corporate governance, innovation, and the ability to adapt to changing external conditions in relation to the best management practices used in private companies around the world.

“This distinction is particularly important to us due to the comprehensive assessment of the OKNOPLAST brand,” says Mikołaj Placek, President of the OKNOPLAST Group. “The jury appreciated our strategy, resources, culture, approach to management, and the commitment of our company, as well as our corporate governance and financial management. In each of these categories, we have demonstrated innovation and proved that our management model is effective and reflects global trends,” adds the President of the OKNOPLAST Group.

Companies are also assessed on criteria such as how well they respond to the challenges of the demanding contemporary world. The increasing change of pace, in both the technological and sociological spheres, and the intensification of unexpected global events, such as pandemics, climate change, and economic crises, have changed the world forever.

“We function in a new reality governed by changeability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity,” emphasizes Mikołaj Placek,  “It requires business courage, flexible strategies, and leadership abilities to achieve goals in these changing conditions. In this regard, we have been developing the competences of our employees for years. We are glad that our commitment to the development of the teams and talents of the OKNOPLAST Group staff has been appreciated in such a demanding competition,” says the President of the OKNOPLAST Group.

It is worth noting that the title “Best Managed Companies Poland 2022” is not the first award granted to the OKNOPLAST Group for achievements in the area of ​​management. In February, OKNOPLAST was awarded the “Forbes Diamond 2022” title, in the category: companies in Europe with the greatest increase in value over the last three years. June also brought the Group two awards from the Construction Brand of the Year 2022 ranking, organized by ASM, Center of Research and Market Analysis. Oknoplast received the titles “Golden Champion” for brands particularly appreciated by contractors, as well as “Marketer of the 21st century 2022” for outstanding achievements in the field of marketing and product strategy, thanks to the Marketing Director of OKNOPLAST, Magdalena Cedro-Czubaj.

The “Best Managed Companies Poland 2022” awards are given in the Best Managed Companies ranking, an original plebiscite created in 1993 by the consulting company Deloitte. The ranking operates in 41 countries around the world; this year the first Polish edition took place. The Oknoplast Group is thankful for the achievement, and excited to see what the future holds as they push new boundaries and expand into the US market.


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