OKNOPLAST reduces energy consumption and invests in renewable energy sources

Boosting energy efficiency within production facilities and exploring alternative energy sources is not solely driven by a commitment to sustainable practices for climate preservation. The escalating energy costs and the imperative for manufacturing autonomy are propelling the green revolution forward. Through a series of strategic measures, OKNOPLAST has achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in gas consumption within its production halls compared to the previous heating season. Simultaneously, significant strides have been made in curbing electricity consumption. Furthermore, the company is actively investing in harnessing renewable energy sources.

Earth Day serves as a moment for contemplation regarding the state of our planet and an occasion to galvanize companies toward measures that diminish their environmental footprint. In recent months, OKNOPLAST has undertaken a series of projects aligned with this commitment, striving to elevate the energy efficiency of its production facilities. These initiatives encompass a spectrum of efforts, from curbing energy consumption to substantial investments in alternative, renewable sources. In light of the prevailing challenges within the energy sector, these endeavors yield a twofold advantage—both ecological and economic.

Operating with a conscientious regard for the Earth’s limited resources and combatting climate change has become an imperative and ethical duty for companies across every industry today. OKNOPLAST’s commitment to optimizing production and investing in eco-friendly solutions yields tangible results. Today, our windows stand out not only for their impeccable quality, contemporary designs, and cutting-edge technologies but also for their sustainable production practices. Recently, we’ve undertaken a series of strategic investments that have demonstrated substantial reductions in energy consumption. Moreover, we’ve proudly earned certification in adherence to the foremost standard for environmental management systems, affirming our unwavering dedication to mitigating the organization’s environmental footprint. While there remains much work ahead, we are resolutely charting the course in the right direction,” affirms Łukasz Marzec, Chief Operations Officer at OKNOPLAST.

Energy efficiency at every step

As part of its rationalization of gas consumption, OKNOPLAST consistently conducts comprehensive assessments of our production processes and proactively takes steps to heighten the energy efficiency within our plants. We’ve implemented air stratification to optimize temperature distribution in our halls, and strategically divided work zones from storage areas to bolster insulation and maintain higher temperatures where necessary. Furthermore, we’ve upgraded our doors with high-speed reaction mechanisms to enhance efficiency and insulation, substantially reducing heat loss. Additionally, we’ve embraced innovative heat recovery solutions, capturing heat from our tempering furnace to warm our rooms and recycling the heat generated during production. The integration of online sensors for precise temperature monitoring and decision-making has resulted in more efficient gas utilization and energy savings. Plus, our commitment extends beyond our facilities, as we’ve introduced the energy-efficient PAVA window, renowned for its exceptional thermal insulation, to enhance comfort and reduce energy costs for our clients’ homes.

Conscious choices and green energy

The company has made significant strides in reducing electricity consumption within its production facilities. A pivotal measure involved the complete transition to energy-efficient LEDs for both indoor and external lighting, resulting in a substantial reduction in electricity usage. Additional initiatives encompass the installation of light sensors and adaptive lighting systems, which can be conveniently controlled remotely. Furthermore, we’ve implemented comprehensive energy consumption monitoring to enable more effective real-time control.

OKNOPLAST’s commitment extends to embracing renewable energy sources as well. In April, the company took a momentous step by installing its first set of solar panels on the production hall roofs. This endeavor aligns with our dedication to meeting the requirements of the environmental management standard, leading to the attainment of ISO 14001 certification. This certification affirms that our actions are geared towards minimizing the organization’s ecological footprint and championing sustainability.

As we reflect on OKNOPLAST’s sustainable journey, it becomes evident that the dedication to responsible energy management sets a remarkable precedent. Through a spectrum of innovative initiatives, from LED lighting to the integration of photovoltaic panels, we have not only reduced our environmental footprint but have also illuminated the path towards a more energy-efficient future. As we look ahead, we hope OKNOPLAST’s ongoing commitment inspires others to embrace a greener vision for our planet and the generations to come.

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