A sliding system with improved thermal insulation parameters due to the use of a thermal separator enriched with glass fiber.


An exterior folding door gives you a lot of freedom and helps eliminate the barrier between inside and the outdoors.

Aluminium patio doors


Aluminum Patio Doors.

These doors are perfect for detached houses as well as apartments that require open spaces.
The profile structure allows for the construction of large luxurious doors with single or double glazed sealed units. The materials and technical solutions used help achieve a high level of thermal and acoustic protection.

The patio doors we offer are a modern and multifunctional solution. They complement all styles of homes and also provide a high sense of security. In our showrooms, you can find a variety of models, which are also available in many sizes, tailored to the specific needs of your interior. They will enhance the appearance of your home and create a beautiful indoor and outdoor space. A good example is our sliding patio doors because they do not require additional space for opening, and the large glazing will illuminate your interiors with a natural glow. If you are looking for unique models, we invite you to browse our products.

SLIDE PATIO DOORS: An economic solution

Contemporary architecture offers many unique and innovative solutions. Buying a patio door no longer has to involve long hours of intensive thinking, rebuilding the apartment, or spending large sums of money. We are aware that additional, often high costs, can be an obstacle to the implementation of construction plans, which is why we provide a wide range of options at your disposal. With Oknoplast you will find patio doors that easily meet the criteria of all your needs and at a reasonable price. Our quality materials will give you the best… the highest degree of heat retention, the best sound insulation, a great sense of comfort, and above all, the desired appearance of your home. Our patio doors perfectly fit into a variety of interiors without depleting your wallet too much. Can it get any better?

Aluminum-opening patio doors – plan your interior!

This model of patio doors requires reasonable planning of space. Why is this important? Because of the movable, opening sash, this system takes up quite a lot of space, so you need to make sure it will not disturb the balance and functionality of your interior. They work well in larger rooms, but if you want to install them in a smaller space, variants of the models we offer may be a better fit. It is worth taking this into account when you plan to build a house from scratch or carry out a general renovation – always take notice of the functional layout of the space!

Sliding patio doors – maximum degree of security

Our sliding patio doors are characterized not only by a unique appearance but also by maximum security. The sliding doors require a bit more force to open so they provide additional security around children; however, adults can still use the doors comfortably. The sliding system provides security as well as high functionality by maximizing the use of space. Sliding wings do not take up a large area, so you gain additional room. Find the right model for you and your family and reach out to one of our experts.

Sliding patio doors – simplicity and functionality in one

Technology, aesthetic, and functionality are features that distinguish our sliding patio doors. They are characterized by a modern appearance, unique designs, and innovative solutions. The simplicity and minimalism of their appearance make them suitable for installation in virtually any style room. Sliding patio doors make it possible to create a truly impressive entrance to your backyard, which will please the eyes of household members and all your guests. Our technology also allows you to reduce thresholds, resulting in an almost flat surface. Large glazing will also give you ample room to admire nature from inside your home. If you love nature and want a simple yet functional solution, these patio doors will be an excellent choice. What are you waiting for? Combine tradition with modernity!