COMPACT patio door’s innovative mechanism ensures easy and intuitive operation. The minimalistic design makes it possible to maximize the glazed surface area, allowing more natural light in the room.

SLIDE Patio Doors
SLIDE Patio Doors


This system uses “lift-slide” technology, also called “HST”. The sashes are mounted on two rails, which allows sliding without overrun from one sash against the other.

HORIZON Slide Patio Door


This system uses “lift-slide” technology, also called “HST”. The sashes are mounted on two rails, which allows sliding without overrun from one sash against the other.

HST Patio Doors
HST Patio Doors
UPVC Patio Doors


UPVC Patio Doors.

OKNOPLAST’s window solutions are commended by architects and can be found in many house designs. Large glazing is an multifaceted solution, the company meets trends and customer expectations by offering several types of patio doors, including HST lift-and-slide doors. This technology makes it possible to obtain up to 36ft 1.07in of glass surface. The width of the sashes can reach 8ft 2.42in, or a passage of 7ft 6.55in.

Compliance with certifications for the manufacture of your uPVC windows:

Patio doors are among the most important features of a home. Their glass surface lets sunlight into the interior of a room, which translates into the comfort of life and well-being of household members. From both the inside and outside, patio doors play an aesthetic role because the frame must complement the décor of a given room and serve as a showcase for passersby. However, it is not enough for patio doors to produce an aesthetically harmonious effect. Household members should also feel that the doors guarantee a sense of security. With all this in mind, Oknoplast designers have created patio doors and balcony windows that are distinguished by innovative construction solutions, designer appearance, convenience, and high-security protection.

Patio doors

Thanks to the use of a narrow, minimalist frame, our patio doors are characterized by an exceptionally large glazing area. More daylight enters the interior of the home, in turn, contributing to the well-being of household members. Large glass panes allow for contact with the surrounding nature. It is easier to notice changes in the scenery because patio doors with a large glazing area blur the boundary between the interior of the house and the outdoors.

Transparent window and door surfaces go hand in hand with energy efficiency. We offer our customers patio doors characterized by a low coefficient of thermal transmittance. This means that in autumn and winter, our doors are excellent insulators against low temperatures. With our products, you will save much more on heating expenses. The modern solutions implemented in Oknoplast doors and windows have won the trust of customers globally.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors can be an extremely effective form of protection against potential burglars. If you want to protect your property against theft when you are away from home, Oknoplast offers the option of equipping your door with RC2 class fittings. Thanks to this, your sliding patio doors will turn into an extremely difficult obstacle for thieves.

Patio doors with a large glazing area are generally heavy. Thankfully, Oknoplast designers have equipped our patio doors with handles to facilitate moving. This solution means that you can open the door to the balcony or terrace with little effort. In an optional package, the doors can have an electric drive, which makes opening even more comfortable.

Personalize the appearance of frames in Oknoplast doors and windows. Some popular color options, among many other available colors, are mahogany, anthracite, golden oak, walnut, swamp oak, and white. With so many available colors, we have patio doors to fit any home style.