This range uses the “lift-slide” technology, also called “HST”, i.e. the sashes are mounted on two rails, which allows sliding without overrun from one sash against the other. This combination of comfort and innovation is the solution that will bring maximum light to the home. This technology makes it possible to obtain up to 36ft 1.07in of glass surface. The width of the sashes can reach 8ft 2.42in, or a passage of 7ft 6.55in.

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Oknoplast’s HST sliding system compliments all types of interiors.

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With OKNOPLAST, embellishing your interior requires attention to the smallest details. Of course, color, material, and shape of the uPVC window are all important when choosing, but let’s not forget the accessories.

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A variety of more than 50 colors in any combination of your choice are available for both indoors and outdoors. High-performance multi-layer film that is weather and UV-resistant retains its gloss throughout its life.

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