Innovation Meets Ecology

At OKNOPLAST, our mission extends far beyond the high-quality production of windows and doors. We are deeply committed to shaping a future where our products and manufacturing processes contribute positively to our planet.
Join us as we share our journey in sustainability and what it means for our community and customers.

The world is changing, and so are we.

Care for the Planet

At OKNOPLAST, our vision for a sustainable future is clear. We’re not just adapting to change; we’re driving it

Reduction of Gas Emissions

Driven by a profound concern for our planet’s resources, we continuously pursue harmonious and sustainable production methods. By harnessing heat from our glass tempering furnace to warm our facilities, we’ve effectively curbed heat loss to the outdoors. These efforts have yielded tangible outcomes: a remarkable 50% reduction in gas consumption compared to prior heating seasons.

Reduction of Energy Consumption

We prioritize reducing electricity consumption as part of our commitment to sustainability. To achieve this, we’ve transitioned to LED lighting and integrated light sensors to eliminate unnecessary energy usage. Furthermore, we’re ramping up our investment in renewable energy solutions, such as photovoltaic panels. Coupled with outdoor monitoring systems, these initiatives enable us to promptly respond to energy needs and further enhance our conservation efforts.

Reduction of pollutant emissions

A pivotal investment for us is our catalytic furnace, which reduces atmospheric emissions by 95%. This is primarily achieved by converting volatile organic compounds into water vapor. As a result, the veneering department, once a significant contributor to emissions at our factory, now has significantly less impact on air quality.

Recycling and Closed-Circuit Economy

Our PVC window profiles are created in a closed-loop cycle where waste is reused, making it one of the most environmentally friendly materials used in window manufacturing. We recycle 2,000 tons of PVC waste annually, giving it a new use, and demonstrating our deep commitment to ecology.

Łukasz Marzec

“We recognize the growing expectations of our customers and the imperative to focus not only on product quality but also on the sustainability of the production process. With each new investment, our aim is not just to enhance production but also to minimize its environmental footprint-an ongoing responsibility we prioritize daily,”

Łukasz Marzec,
OKNOPLAST’s Chief Operating Officer.

Education and Community: Our Commitment

As we continue our journey towards sustainable manufacturing, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our planet, community, and customers. Together, we’re building a greener tomorrow.

Foodsharing with Neverwaste

Amidst the escalating issue of food waste in Poland and the global community, an innovative remedy has emerged: the Neverwaste application. OKNOPLAST proudly partnered with this initiative, actively contributing to its development. The Neverwaste app empowers users to combat food waste by showcasing products and meals nearing expiration through advertisements, fostering a community-driven approach to mitigate wastage. With functionalities like a map displaying available items, as well as a reservation and rating system, Neverwaste streamlines networking and exchanges, simultaneously aiding those in need.

We take care of the seas with Marevivo

We’ve teamed up with Marevivo, a longstanding non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding Italy’s seas and environment for over 30 years, for the Replant project. This initiative aims to replenish marine ecosystems, crucial for oxygen production (which accounts for 50% of the air we breathe, courtesy of underwater forests), CO2 absorption (contributing to 30% of global emissions reduction), biodiversity protection (serving as a natural haven for 25% of Mediterranean marine species), and mitigating coastal erosion by stabilizing wave dynamics and curbing sand loss.


We care about keeping our planet as green as possible. That’s why we initiated a project to create the OKNOPLAST Forest, where our employees planted hundreds of trees, providing valuable oxygen to the atmosphere and improving the quality of life for many people, highlighting our commitment to the well-being of the planet.

Beyond Words: OKNOPLAST’s Certified Commitment

Trust in our commitment to sustainability, not just our words. Our certifications in eco-friendliness and ethical practices stand as undeniable proof.

ISO 14001

OKNOPLAST proudly holds the international ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection. This certification validates our efforts to minimize environmental impact, making OKNOPLAST a leader in eco-friendly practices.

Energy Star

OKNOPLAST proudly holds the Energy Star certification, reflecting our dedication to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. This recognition ensures that our products meet strict energy efficiency criteria, helping customers save on utility bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone)

Our windows are rigorously tested and certified for hurricane resistance in the HVHZ, offering the highest level of protection against extreme weather conditions, especially in Zone 4 wind zones. This certification demonstrates our commitment to safety and durability, providing peace of mind for customers in hurricane-prone areas like Florida.

NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council)

With NFRC certification, our windows undergo comprehensive testing to determine their thermal performance, ensuring they meet or exceed industry standards for energy efficiency. This certification empowers customers to make informed decisions about their window investments, choosing products that prioritize comfort and sustainability.


As a Keystone-certified manufacturer, OKNOPLAST adheres to stringent quality standards, ensuring our windows are precision-manufactured with attention to detail. This certification underscores our commitment to excellence, delivering superior products that enhance the beauty and functionality of any space.

PHIUS (Passive House Institute US)

Our PHIUS-certified windows are meticulously designed and tested to meet the energy efficiency requirements of Passive House construction. This demonstrates our dedication to sustainability and innovation, providing customers with windows that not only conserve energy but also contribute to healthier and more comfortable living environments.

Łukasz Marzec

Recently, we have made numerous investments that produce concrete results in reducing energy consumption. We have also received a certificate of compliance with the leading standard on environmental management systems, which confirms the consistent implementation of measures to reduce the organization’s impact on the environment. Of course, we still have a lot of work to do, but we are moving in the right direction.

Łukasz Marzec,
OKNOPLAST’s Chief Operating Officer.

Did you know?

It is through the windows that the most heat “escapes,” leading to more greenhouse gas emissions from boilers in winter and air conditioners in summer.

As much as 25% of heat can escape from a house or apartment if the windows in it do not adequately thermally insulate the space.

PAVA Window – Created for Energy

At OKNOPLAST, we are addressing the challenge of rising heating costs by introducing our latest innovation: the energy-efficient PAVA window. These windows boast exceptional insulation capabilities, evident in their impressive U – 0.13. Featuring a 7-chamber frame profile, a 6-chamber A-class sash profile, and a center gasket within the frame, these windows are meticulously designed to deliver superior thermal insulation, helping you save on heating expenses.

Discover how PAVA windows can transform your home and contribute to environmental protection.

Latest news.

Tomasz Radecki

“The PAVA window is our response to rising energy prices, while also meeting the demands of our customers, who recognize the benefits of investing in energy-efficient windows. With current price increases, windows with high thermal insulation parameters allow for long-term savings. We see a growing interest in replacing basic windows with energy-efficient windows not only in Poland, but also abroad, especially in regions exposed to low temperatures,”

Tomasz Radecki,
commercial director of OKNOPLAST

Your Window for a Better Future

We have many ambitious plans and projects currently in the pipeline. Each of them is proof that at OKNOPLAST we are not only imagining a better future, but actively shaping it. Our commitment to sustainable solutions remains strong, and our journey toward a green future is still ongoing. Together, we are building a tomorrow that is kind to our planet, communities, and customers.