What Characterizes French Doors?

French doors, traditionally known as French windows, are characterized by multiple glass panes extending most of their length. They symbolize luxury and connect interiors to exteriors like gardens, patios, or balconies.

Many homeowners value French doors for their unique aesthetics and style that withstand the trial by time. Here’s what sets them apart in contrast to more contemporary solutions:

  • Light and Transparency: The multiple glass panes allow abundant natural light to flood a room, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Their symmetrical design and ability to offer unobstructed views make them a favorite among homeowners and designers alike. With grilles, they add elegance and a certain level of privacy to any space.
  • Versatility: French doors are not just limited to exteriors. They can also be used as interior doors, separating spaces like a living room from a study or a bedroom from a balcony.
  • Space Enhancer: Their transparent nature can make a room appear larger, bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces.

While traditional French doors swing inwards or outwards, the sliding variant combines the beauty of the French design with the practicality of sliding doors. This brings us to our next point.

Due to their versatility, French doors (traditional swinging doors and sliding solutions) can be installed in various home styles. The most interesting ones in recent years are the following:

  • Modern Homes: The sleek design of French sliding doors adds a touch of sophistication to modern homes, enhancing their minimalist and chic appeal.
  • Traditional Homes: For homes that resonate with history and classic designs, French sliding doors seamlessly blend in, accentuating their timeless charm and character.
  • Coastal Homes: French sliding doors in coastal homes provide easy access to these outdoor paradises and flood interiors with natural light. This also amplifies the oceanic ambiance.
  • Ranch-Style Homes: Known for their single-story, long facade, ranch-style homes benefit from French sliding doors by creating a harmonious indoor-outdoor flow, perfect for those evening barbecues or morning coffees on the patio.

Sliding French Door – How to Transform Your Home Space?

Sliding French doors are a masterstroke in home design, seamlessly blending elegance with functionality. Their expansive glass panels introduce an overflow of natural light and craft a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. The horizontal glide mechanism offers a space-saving design, eliminating the need for extra room to swing open. Moreover, with technological advancements, these doors champion enhanced energy efficiency, ensuring homes remain cozy while being kind to the environment. And the cherry on top?

Their versatility in design ensures they resonate with both contemporary and traditional home aesthetics, making them a transformative addition to any space.

Sliding French doors maintain their characteristic elegance and details like grills with the functionality of the modern sliding door. Which means they can slide on a track.

The COMPACT Patio Door Experience

COMPACT Patio Door available in our offer were designed to be the epitome of innovation and aesthetics. This sliding patio door effortlessly fits any architectural style, offering homeowners a perfect blend of modern functionality and timeless elegance.

Effortless Operation: We’ve equipped the COMPACT Patio Door with a cutting-edge sliding mechanism that ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience. Thanks to its robust design, we can craft large, expansive structures, giving you various design possibilities. Of course, all the technology is below the surface. The COMPACT system is a perfect solution for homeowners who aim to reduce energy losses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Our door features a six-chamber frame profile with a depth of 5 1/2″ and a four-chamber sash profile with a depth of 2 3/4″.
  • We’ve optimized the maximum frame dimension in opening scheme A to be 137 25/32″ x 98. 13/32″.
  • We offer window dimensions that start from a minimum height of 37 13/32″ and extend to a minimum width of 61 13/16″.
  • Our diverse glazing packages provide thicknesses ranging between 15/16″ and 1 9/16″, ensuring you can choose what suits your needs.
  • Very low thermal transmittance of U-Factor = up to 0.17
  • Sound transmition class: STC = 35 OITC 28

Glass and Design Options: With a wide selection of glass packages, each tailored to cater to various homeowner needs. We’ve got you covered, from enhancing energy efficiency with our low-emission coatings to ensuring safety with our break-reduction tempered glass.

Customizable Grilles for a French Door Look: At OKNOPLAST, we understand the allure of French doors. We offer decorative grilles in in-pane or glued-on variants in various widths and colors. By incorporating these grilles, you can achieve the stylized look of French doors while enjoying the modern functionality of our patio doors.

Experience elegance, functionality, and unmatched performance firsthand with the COMPACT Patio Door by OKNOPLAST. Feel free to schedule a personal consultation with our experts. Let us help you find the perfect patio door systems that match your home’s unique beauty.

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