uPVC exterior doors with glass are a popular choice this year and for good reason. This timeless design offers homeowners optimal versatility – striking the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, durability, and energy efficiency.

Let’s see why, year after year, the number of homeowners who choose this solution grows and how at OKNOPLAST, we create stunning projects where uPVC front doors play the leading role.

Features of uPVC Exterior Doors with Glass

uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) has evolved into the preferred framing material for modern exterior doors, keeping products beautiful and functional for decades.

With no risk of rusting, rotting, swelling, or contracting under humidity, temperature changes, or insect damage, uPVC door frames maintain structural integrity and appearance over a lifetime of use. The smooth, non-porous surface doesn’t need painting or frequent cleaning. uPVC’s naturally insulating properties improve energy efficiency as well.

Insulating Glass Panels:

Maximizing energy efficiency and weatherproofing for exterior doors, high-performance multi-pane insulating glass is a key solution. By encasing argon or other inert gas fills between multiple layers of glass, using warm edge spacers, this design ensures significantly enhanced insulation compared to single panels. Additionally, including specialty Low-E coatings on the glass panes reflects heat back into the home, further contributing to its overall thermal efficiency.

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Main Benefits to Keep in Mind

Selecting uPVC exterior doors with glass brings multiple advantages, enhancing your home’s functionality and aesthetics. These benefits are outlined in the table below, highlighting how uPVC doors can transform your living space:

Benefit Description
Energy Efficiency Reduces energy loss, lowering heating/cooling costs and ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures.
Natural Light Glass panels increase interior brightness, creating a more welcoming atmosphere.
Visual Appeal Various styles and designs are available, suitable for various architectural preferences.
Low Maintenance uPVC is easy to clean and maintain, ideal for everyday convenience.
Security Enhanced with robust security features for peace of mind.
Durability Resistant to warping, rotting, and fading, ensuring longevity with minimal upkeep.
Environmental Benefits Eco-friendly material, free from harmful chemicals like phthalates and BPA.
Cost-Effectiveness It is more affordable than traditional materials like wood, providing economic efficiency.

Many homeowners are increasingly choosing uPVC front doors for their unique combination of style, efficiency, and durability. If you’re considering new doors for your home, take a moment to explore the advantages of uPVC options. To dive deeper into the variety and quality of these doors, we encourage you to download our OKNOPLAST catalog. This comprehensive resource showcases our extensive range of uPVC doors, allowing you to discover the ideal match for your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

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A Few Key Things to Consider When Choosing Front Doors

When making this exterior upgrade to your home, there are a few important considerations to factor in so that you choose the ideal door to match your needs and style:

Style – Match the door style to your home’s architecture for a cohesive look. Classic and contemporary styles are available.

Size – Ensure the door is properly sized for your entryway opening. Sidelights – Pairing entry doors with sidelights allows more natural light inside.

Security – Select desired features like multi-point locks, reinforced frames, and burglary-resistant glass.

Professional Installation – Proper sealing and installation is crucial for functionality and weatherproofing.

OKNOPLAST uPVC Exterior Doors with Glass

We offer premium uPVC exterior doors constructed with rigid, reinforced profiles ideal for residential and commercial installations. With a wide range of homeowners in mind, we designed our two most popular lines of uPVC front doors that can be further customized with high-performance glazing. Those two lines are:

BASIC Doors –Great balance of performance vs overall cost. It works great as a main, secondary, and backyard access point. Their basic construction and 0.27 U-Factor insulation still provide durability at an affordable price point.

PREMIUM Doors – Optimized for main entrances and high-traffic commercial settings. Built with heavy-duty reinforced profiles and a wide array of aesthetic accessories that allow true customization for architectural design needs. Exceptional thermal efficiency ranging from 0.21-0.30 U-Factor values. Roller hinges are also available.

In addition to these two product lines catering to different use cases, all OKNOPLAST doors provide:

  • Wide range of color combinations
  • Decorative and security glass options
  • Streamlined 0.72-inch Winstep thresholds
  • SMART remote access solutions are also available

This extensive selection showcases OKNOPLAST’s dedication to versatile and customizable uPVC exterior doors suitable for diverse building needs, aesthetics, and budgets—from standard household entrances to specialized commercial storefronts. If you want to learn more about our offer perfected for over 20 years on the market, visit us in one of our showrooms and see how our doors can reimagine your home entrance.

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uPVC Exterior Doors with Glass – Key Takeaways

  • uPVC Durability: uPVC frames resist rusting, rotting, swelling, and insect damage, ensuring long-lasting structural integrity and appearance.
  • Energy Efficiency: Multi-pane insulating glass with argon fills, and Low-E coatings significantly improves energy savings and insulation.
  • Benefits of uPVC Doors: These doors offer energy efficiency, natural light enhancement, diverse visual appeal, low maintenance, robust security, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Homeowner Preference: uPVC front doors are increasingly popular for their blend of style, efficiency, and durability.
  • OKNOPLAST Offerings: OKNOPLAST provides a range of uPVC exterior doors, including BASIC and PREMIUM lines, which are customizable with various colors, glass options, and modern features like SMART remote access.

Considerations for Selection: When choosing uPVC doors, consider style, size, sidelights, security features, and professional installation for optimal functionality.

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