The perfect combination of elegance, modern aesthetics and innovative technology.


The Winergetic window is the result of OKNOPLAST’s state-of-the-art R&D service. Thanks to research, Oknoplast has made it possible to use aerogel within the uPVC window, which significantly reduces heating bills.



The PAVA system is a fusion of innovation and passion for creation.


OKNOPLAST windows are equipped with reinforced steel, ensuring high structural stability. This allows you to create a solid, large glazing. High quality fittings allow the window to open and close with ease, and maintenance is very simple.

Sound Protection

One of the most important functions of windows is soundproofing. The PIXEL window can boast a Max. STC 45 and OITC 39. Thanks to the use of glass sound absorption and a double gasket system, you can enjoy peace and silence in your own home – away from busy streets and noisy neighbors.

Great thermal parameters in the PIXEL window series guarantee excellent thermal insulation. This is important because up to 30% of heat can escape just through the windows. Tight, good quality windows stop this process, which allows you to significantly reduce your heating bills.

Even if we love the sun, excess sunlight at home can cause discomfort. This problem can be solved by equipping the window with a special LOW E coated glazing package. Sun filtered glass reduces energy permeability, which reduces the overheating of an interior and provides comfort.


If you want to clean your windows, you can open the windows to the inside of the room and effortlessly clean the whole window from inside and outside. It’s easy, comfortable, and also safe!

You can easily open and securely close the window with just one hand. Simple and effortless, with no additional locks or cranks. Our windows can be fully opened inside, so you don’t need to lift them up. It’s much more comfortable and convenient. You just turn the handle and position the window the way you prefer.

It’s enough to tilt the window to let in some fresh air! This great feature allows you to have your window only partially opened which helps save a lot of space. Or you can use micro ventilation which allows airflow without opening the window.

You can open, close, or control your windows with an app on your smartphone or use Alexa commands. These features make your life easier, more convenient, and safe!

Compliance with certifications for the manufacture of your uPVC windows:

Windows are one of the most important elements of a home. When properly selected, they can emphasize the home’s character and become the showpiece of a building. At the same time, the woodwork should provide comfort and safety. OKNOPLAST windows combine unique designs, innovative functional solutions, and advanced technologies in the field of energy efficiency.

Our wide range of colors and window accessories are features that make OKNOPLAST windows stand out. We offer the warmest UPVC windows with a high-end appearance and sophisticated aesthetic.

UPVC windows

The most important question that arises before starting to build a home or renovate an apartment is which windows to choose. When looking for the perfect solution, it is worth taking note of current trends prevailing in the window market. For decades, Oknoplast has been a trend-setting industry leader, and for over a quarter century, our designers have been gaining the trust of customers worldwide by creating innovative, award-winning products.

Choose the nicest windows on the market. Oknoplast manufactures plastic windows made of polyvinyl chloride, a revolutionary material known for its versatility. UPVC windows are distinguished by the durability of their workmanship, high degree of thermal protection, corrosion resistance, and extremely aesthetic appearance. Plastic window frames can perfectly imitate frames made of wood, and unlike wooden windows, UPVC windows are less expensive to produce; therefore, everyone can afford to buy high-end home furnishings.

Oknoplast has been developing the process of plastic window creation for many years, which is why today it has some of the best products on the market. The vast amount of sunlight that comes in through our expansive windows can provide a sense of coziness in modern family interiors. The most fashionable windows today are those with large glazing and a narrow, slender profile. This is an excellent choice not only for living and dining rooms but also for smaller rooms, such as children’s rooms or studies, because sunny rooms create a cozier atmosphere.

Oknoplast advisors help select UPVC windows for the most diverse and demanding aesthetic tastes. While the trend of the season is windows with a black profile, the return of white window frames is anticipated. Another sought-after look is woodgrain profiles that imitate various types of wood, such as walnut, oak, and mahogany.