Storm-proof windows have become essential for home safety. These windows, including hurricane-resistant and impact varieties, are more than just a safety feature—they’re often a requirement in storm-prone areas of the USA. This guide clarifies storm-proof windows, offering key insights to help homeowners make informed decisions. From understanding different types to recognizing their benefits, we’ll cover everything you need to know to choose the proper protection for your home.

Understanding Storm-Proof Windows

Navigating the world of storm-proof windows means distinguishing between hurricane and impact windows. While both types are designed for robust protection against severe weather, their construction and specific applications differ.

Hurricane Windows are tailored to withstand the high winds and flying debris typical of hurricanes. Their standout feature is the Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) layer, which provides flexibility and enhanced safety. This layer allows the windows to flex under the pressure of strong winds, reducing the likelihood of breakage. The PVB layer holds the pieces together should the glass break, preventing dangerous shattering. These windows are more affordable and versatile, fitting into standard window frames, making them a practical choice for many homeowners.

Impact Windows take the technology of hurricane windows a step further. They incorporate multiple layers of PET laminated glass and PVB, making them thicker and more robust. This design not only withstands high-speed winds but also offers greater resistance to direct impacts, such as windblown debris. In addition to storm protection, impact windows provide improved energy efficiency and significant noise reduction. Due to their thickness and weight, they require stronger window frames and are generally more expensive, often necessitating expert installation.

Choosing between hurricane and impact windows depends on your specific needs, whether budget considerations, weather conditions’ severity, or additional benefits like energy savings and noise reduction.

key differences between hurricane-resistant windows and impact windows:

Feature Hurricane Windows Impact Windows
Primary Purpose Designed to withstand high winds and airborne debris from hurricanes. Built for broader protection against high-speed winds and direct impacts.
Construction Feature a layer of Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) for flexibility and safety. Multiple layers of PET laminated glass and PVB, resulting in a thicker, heavier build.
Safety PVB layer allows bending under pressure; holds glass together if broken. Greater resistance to shattering; withstands direct impacts and high winds.
Cost More affordable; fits into standard window frames. Generally more expensive; requires stronger frames and expert installation.
Additional Benefits Some impact resistance; mainly protects against wind. Improved energy efficiency and significant noise reduction.
Suitability Ideal for areas prone to hurricanes; offers basic protection. Suitable for areas needing comprehensive protection from both storms and impacts.

Are Storm-proof Windows a Worthwhile Investment?

Storm-proof windows are a significant investment in home safety and comfort. Their benefits extend far beyond just weathering storms:

  1. Safety and Security: Beyond shielding your home from nature’s fury, they are a robust barrier against break-ins and vandalism. Their sturdy build is particularly effective in deterring burglaries.
  2. Energy Efficiency: These windows are instrumental in regulating indoor temperatures. Minimizing thermal transfer helps reduce heating and cooling costs, making your home more energy-efficient.
  3. Noise Reduction: These windows can be a game-changer if external noise is a concern. They significantly reduce noise from busy streets or noisy neighborhoods, ensuring a tranquil indoor environment.
  4. Insurance Advantages: Recognized for their protective capabilities, installing these windows can lower home insurance premiums, as they reduce the risk of storm and break-in damages.

Each benefit enhances not just the safety but also the overall comfort and efficiency of your home.

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Types and Styles of Storm-proof Windows

Selecting the right stormproof windows involves navigating various types and styles, each tailored to different needs and environments. The choice hinges on regional climate, architectural style, and specific homeowner requirements.

Impact-resistant windows stand out in areas frequently hit by hurricanes and severe storms. Their construction, featuring multiple layers of glass and a polymer interlayer, offers unmatched strength against high winds and flying debris. These windows are a fortress, safeguarding homes in the most extreme weather.

In regions with milder climates, Double-Glazed Windows present a viable option. Comprising two panes of glass separated by an air or gas-filled space, they provide good insulation, balancing temperature control with moderate weather protection.

For those prioritizing safety, Tempered Glass Windows are a noteworthy choice. Their unique property of shattering into small, blunt pieces upon impact minimizes the risk of injury, making them a safe option for general use and moderate weather conditions.

Lastly, Laminated Glass Windows, with their multiple glass layers bonded by an interlayer, excel in security and noise reduction. They are particularly effective in urban settings, where noise reduction is as valued as protection against break-ins.

Each window type brings distinct advantages to the table, allowing homeowners to find the perfect match for their needs and environmental conditions. Before you make up your mind, it’s wise to consult your options with a specialist. At OKNOPLAST, we can help you choose the right option for your home that will bring you safety in annual energy spending.

Key Considerations

As you can see, many options are available when selecting stormproof windows. A valid question may arise about the factors worth considering when looking for the right window system.

The local climate is paramount; those in hurricane zones might prioritize impact-resistant windows, while others in milder areas could opt for double-glazed or laminated options. The home’s architectural style is also crucial, as windows should enhance, not detract from, the overall aesthetic.

Budget is another key aspect. While higher-end options like impact windows offer superior protection, they come at a higher cost. It’s important to weigh safety needs against financial realities. Compliance with local building codes and certifications ensures both safety and legal adherence.

Lastly, consider the long-term benefits. These windows can be a significant investment, potentially increasing property value, lowering insurance premiums, and reducing energy costs. A thoughtful choice, balancing these factors, ensures that the selected windows meet both immediate needs and future considerations.

Before you “storm” (pun intended) into the window saloon, remember those factors:

  • Climate Suitability: Choose based on local weather conditions.
  • Architectural Fit: Ensure windows complement your home’s style.
  • Budget: Balance protection needs with financial feasibility.
  • Certifications and Compliance: Adhere to safety standards and legal requirements.
  • Long-Term Value: Consider the investment’s future benefits.

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Professionals should install Storm-proof Windows – here’s why

The key to ensuring the effectiveness of storm-proof windows is professional installation. It’s essential to have them installed by experts familiar with the specific window system, guaranteeing correct and secure fitting. This is particularly vital for optimal performance in extreme weather. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and checking for any wear, further preserves their condition and functionality, ensuring long-term reliability and protection.

Certifications for hurricane-resistant windows and impact windows

Certifications play a pivotal role in ensuring the effectiveness of hurricane-resistant windows. Key certifications include:

  • DP Rating (Design Pressure Rating): This measures a window’s ability to withstand wind pressure. A DP rating of 20 correlates to a category two hurricane, while a DP rating of 40 aligns with a category four hurricane, indicating higher resistance to stronger winds.
  • Florida Building Code (FBC): In Florida, where hurricanes are frequent, the FBC mandates stringent requirements for hurricane-resistant windows, setting a benchmark for other regions.
  • Energy Star Certification: While focused on energy efficiency, Energy Star certification also contributes to the overall resilience of a home, including the performance of windows in energy conservation.
  • ASTM Certification: The American Society for Testing & Materials provides a standard test method for exterior windows in hurricane-prone areas, certifying windows as impact-resistant at varying levels based on projectile size and speed used in tests.
  • AAMA Gold Label Certification Program: This program ensures the highest quality in window manufacturing, including aspects relevant to hurricane resistance.

These certifications not only guarantee that windows can withstand the harsh conditions of a hurricane but also ensure adherence to energy efficiency and quality manufacturing standards, offering homeowners assurance of safety, durability, and performance.


Elevate your home’s safety with OKNOPLAST’s advanced storm-proof windows

At OKNOPLAST, we’re committed to fortifying your home against the harsh weather. Our premium range of storm-proof windows includes the Pava and Pixel systems (crafted from high-grade uPVC for unmatched durability). For those seeking superior strength and expansive glazing, our Aluhaus 75 and 90 window systems are the ideal choice. Engineered to endure even the most severe conditions, OKNOPLAST windows offer peace of mind and lasting protection.

Are you considering an upgrade to storm-proof windows? Our expert team is ready to guide you through our diverse product range, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your home. Contact us today to discover how OKNOPLAST can enhance the safety and aesthetics of your living space.

Key Takeaways

Before you go and explore the vast world of hurricane-resistant windows, here are key takeaways that will help you on your journey.

  • Storm-proof Windows: Essential for safety in storm-prone areas, with options like hurricane-resistant and impact windows.
  • Benefits: Enhance home security, improve energy efficiency, reduce noise, and potentially lower insurance premiums.
  • Types to Consider:
    • Hurricane Windows: For high winds and debris.
    • Impact Windows: For extreme weather protection.
  • Choosing the Right Windows:
    • Consider local climate, home style, and budget.
    • Understand the importance of certifications and compliance.
  • Installation: Professional installation is crucial for effectiveness.
  • OKNOPLAST Offerings: Durable, high-quality storm-proof windows tailored to various needs.

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