Simple and Efficient: What is a Craftsman-Style Home?

Originating from the artistic and architectural movements of the 19th century, Craftsman-style homes have captured the hearts of many with their distinctive design and warm, inviting atmosphere. These homes embody charm and elegance, featuring wood furnishings, organic materials, and natural color palettes. With several substyles under the Craftsman umbrella, the Craftsman Bungalow stands out as a popular choice — a cozy, one-story abode with tapered columns and practical, functional elements.

What sets Craftsman-style homes apart are the unique features that showcase their dedication to craftsmanship. From exposed rafters to built-in cabinetry and handcrafted details, these homes pay homage to the Arts and Crafts movement that inspired their creation. Embrace the allure of this classic American home style and immerse yourself in a space that embodies both character and history.

What are the main characteristics of a Craftsman-Style Home?

The essence of Craftsman-style homes lies within functionality, harmony with nature, and, most of all – a dedication to craftsmanship. To truly appreciate their beauty, it’s important to understand their main characteristics.

Firstly, the exterior of these homes often features low-pitched gabled roofs with wide eaves and exposed rafters, complemented by decorative brackets or braces. A welcoming front porch supported by tapered columns is another hallmark, inviting connection and community. The harmonious blend of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and brick, adds warmth and character to the home’s facade.

Stepping inside, you’ll notice open floor plans that promote efficient use of space and built-in cabinetry and furnishings. Natural light is abundant thanks to the numerous windows, some of which boast stained-glass or mullioned designs. The interior design typically highlights woodwork, with elements like wainscoting, wooden moldings, and custom cabinetry.

Overall this space celebrates skilled craft and allows a connection to the natural world. It’s no surprise that these homes continue to be a popular choice for those seeking a unique and comfortable living space.

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4 Types of Craftsman-Style Homes

When discussing Craftsman-style homes, separating a couple of types is important. There is a surprisingly high diversity within this design genre, but we can distinguish four main types of Craftsman-style homes that are the most popular in US.

The Classic Craftsman Bungalow:

This one-story building, typically modest in size, is known for its cozy, open floor plan and inviting front porch. The bungalow’s tapered columns and low-pitched roof showcase its dedication to simplicity and functionality, making it a lasting favorite among homeowners (and movie directors).

The Prairie-Style Craftsman:

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs, this variation emphasizes horizontal lines and flat or low-pitched roofs. Large overhanging eaves and rows of windows create a harmonious connection with the surrounding landscape, celebrating the beauty of nature.

The Mission-Revival Craftsman:

This style is rooted in Spanish colonial architecture, showcasing stucco exteriors, arched doorways, and terra-cotta roof tiles. Mission-Revival Craftsman homes often feature elaborate, handcrafted details such as tilework and ornamental ironwork, blending Old World charm with the classic Craftsman sensibility.

The Four-Square Craftsman:

Known for its boxy, symmetrical design and two-story structure, the Four-Square Craftsman offers practicality and efficiency. With its hipped roof, central dormer, and spacious front porch, this style provides ample living space while maintaining the trademark Craftsman craftsmanship.

Choosing the right windows for a Craftsman-Style Homes

Incorporating the right windows into a Craftsman-style home is essential for achieving a harmonious balance between form and function. The perfect window selection will complement the home’s architecture and enhance its natural beauty and character. Let’s see what types you should consider for the right window system.

Craftsman-style homes traditionally incorporate natural materials and earthy tones, including solid wood windows. Of course, you can still use windows with other materials like UPVC or Aluminum, but select the suitable veneer resembling the wood texture with the benefits of more contemporary materials. Although double-hung windows are the most popular window type in historic homes, you can easily incorporate other types like casement or awning windows. Even picture windows can find their place in Craftsman-style homes. Choose windows that allow for an abundance of light.

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