Window accessories such as window grilles can add charm to a house by creating visual points of interest and adding a unique look to the home’s design, whether we look at traditional houses, craftsman homes, or more modern buildings. Many possibilities are worth exploring. In this article, we will delve into window grilles’ role in enhancing a home’s visual appeal. You’ll learn what windows are best suited for window grilles and what other accessories you can use to add style and charm to your home.

What are window grilles, and what are their purpose?

Window grilles, or muntins or grids, are decorative elements that divide a window pane into smaller sections. Historically, they served a structural purpose, holding small pieces of glass together as technology did not allow for the easy manufacturing of large sheets of glass. Today, window grilles are mainly decorative, adding an aesthetic touch to windows without compromising energy efficiency and comfort.

Window grilles come in various shapes, sizes, and styles and can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, or vinyl – depending on the window manufacturer. At OKNOPLAST, we created a vast line of window grilles made of high-quality uPVC, but with an interesting spin on imitating different materials like wood or steel.

The strength of window grids lies in their versatility. They can form squares, diamonds, and other creative borders to adorn any window. Choosing to go with or without grids is all about aesthetics and the home’s architectural style.

Modern glass manufacturing has brought new styling opportunities. With current glass-making procedures, it has become easier for window manufacturers to produce larger, stronger, less delicate pieces of glass that can span an entire window frame. This has led to the development of multi-paned energy-efficient glass and the invention of today’s window grilles, available in all kinds of patterns, style types, profiles, thicknesses, and materials.

The purpose of window grilles extends beyond aesthetics. Traditional window grids required the cleaning of each grid divider and glass pane. Today, most multi-paned windows have grilles sandwiched between the panes, keeping the grids free of dust and making window cleaning much faster and easier.

Whether looking for a traditional colonial style or a contemporary look, a window grille design is worth exploring. We are more than confident that it can be fitted to your home style. All you need is a proper mindset.

Choosing the grid pattern to match your home style

Choosing the correct grid pattern for your home depends on personal preference and the architectural style of your home. Finding the right fit is not easy, so we prepared a little guide to aid you in this endeavor. When grids match well with a home’s facade, it adds charm and character to the home’s aesthetics and your living space.

Colonial Homes

Let’s start with the colonial-style homes – here, symmetry is key.

These homes often feature double-hung windows with a grid pattern that visually divides the window into equal sections. Typically, you’ll find six-over-six or nine-over-nine grid patterns, creating a harmonious balance that complements the home’s overall aesthetic.

Craftsman House

Craftsman-style homes, on the other hand, often feature grids only on the top sash of the window. This pattern, known as the Top Row, adds a subtle character to the home, providing an exciting design element without obstructing the view through the window.

Prairie Style

These homes offer a different approach to window grids. The Prairie grid pattern divides the window into unequal sections, featuring a large rectangle in the middle and a small square in each corner. This abstract, asymmetrical style is common in contemporary, ranch, and rambler homes, and leaves more of the window unobstructed, a hallmark of modern design.

Farmhouse Style Homes

Often feature large windows with simple grid patterns. The Cross pattern, characterized by two simple lines across the window, one vertical and one horizontal, is typical in farmhouse-style homes. This minimalist design complements the rustic aesthetic of the farmhouse style, creating a comfortable and stylish look.

The modern approach to window grids and window accessories

Window accessories are an ever-evolving topic because architecture – just like fashion changes over time. Window grids are no different in this matter.

Many modern homes aim to meet specified requirements regarding the thermal performance of windows, and changing to glass panels can impact that performance. That’s why at OKNOPLAST, we designed a grill system that can easily match our contemporary uPVC lines like PIXEL, WINERGETIC, or PAVA window systems. Watch the short presentation of PIXEL system, where our expert – Cody, describes possible use cases for decorative grilles.

What’s great about grilles used in OKNOPLAST systems is that they come in different widths and colors. Thanks to this, you can choose them for any interior, giving it a unique aesthetic appearance. You can match them to emulate different materials like wood, and of course, you can have them glued to the window glass panel or added inside.

Adding various accessories can enhance the aesthetic appeal and usability of your windows. One such accessory is the hidden hinge, a common feature in modern window design. These hinges provide a sleek and elegant look. In terms of window handles, numerous options can be chosen to match your window frame color. For instance, with its square shape, the PIXEL handle highlights the window’s simple and elegant profile. If you prefer a more contemporary style, consider options like the HOPPE SECUFORTE handle. Not only does it offer a modern look, but it also provides an added layer of security for your windows.

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